Along the Edge’s Personality Quiz


You find a valuable painting in your basement.

What describes best your fashion sense?

Your ex-lover calls you out of the blue to ask for a favour.

You're at the village fair. Your friends insist you all have your future read by the fortune-teller.

If you were a witch, which animal would you choose as your familiar?

What's your perfect friday evening?

It's your sister's wedding day.

Where would you go on your next vacation?

You received a free coupon for a cut and color at a prestigious hair salon. Which color would you dye your hair?

You come across a djinn who offers you one wish. What would you ask?

Along the Edge's Personality Quiz
Solar Star

You're a true believer of witchcraft, and you use your magic to heal and help people in need. You have a strong sense of family, and you're trying to uphold to your legacy. You are kind-hearted and respect everyone's beliefs. Your element is Water.
Solar Sphere

You are a true scientist, but you're open to other faiths and beliefs. If it brings happiness and meaning to the life of people, why would you try to convince them it doesn't exist? You have a kind heart and you always try to please everyone around you. Your element is Air.
Lunar Star

You're a Master of the Dark Arts, a true believer of the occult. Always donned in black, your instill fear and respect, and your magic gives you power over people. You're fiercely independent, and would never let anyone talk you into doing something you don't want. Your element is Earth.
Lunar Sphere

You're a fierce believer in the scientific method, and you feel the need to educate the world about the absurdity of their beliefs. In fact, one of your hobbies consists in debunking conspiracy theories, UFO sightings and other ghost stories. You have a strong sense of self-worth, but you are very loyal to your friends. Your element is Fire.

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