Hello, I am Nico, the artist of Along the Edge.

Artworks in this game are divided in two categories: story illustrations and dialog assets.

Story illustrations are full screen images that work hand-in-hand with Geoffroy’s words to tell the story. Some of them will be softly animated.

Unlike most visual novels, in Along the Edge, you’ll have a lot of different pictures. We are not creating images just to illustrate places you keep coming back to again and again, but we think of images as narrative tools, made to capture an impression, a feeling, a moment.

Places can look different, because of the season, the weather or the light, but mainly because of your mood and your sensibility.  Thus, what you see will be shaped by the choices you make during your play-through.


The dialog assets, on the other hand, are more stable looking. You will see characters on each side of the screen. You will, of course, get to pick Daphné’s lines and attitudes. There is a soft animation to indicate who’s talking.


The thing is: characters will change too. Depending on your choices, some of them will even change… drastically. Each characters has his own set of expressions but the length and the color of hair, the tint of the skin and the global look of characters will evolve as you progress in the story.

That’s why I decided to work with lines and flat colors.