(Version Française)

Along the Edge is an interactive graphic novel for PC, Mac, Linux and tablets.

It will come out June, 14th 2016.

It is written by Geoffroy Vincens, illustrated by Nicolas Fouqué and developed by Nova-Box. The music is written and performed by C.-H. Martin.

The game will be translated in French and in English.

Daphné was ready to be a mother. Fate decided otherwise. Fate, or maybe something else? Should she blame chance, herself or some mystical rules?

Along the Edge is an interactive graphic novel. It may also be a psychological drama or a family chronicle, mixing sorcery and old grudges kept alive across generations. It may also be a pastoral novel with a hint of fantasy, or the memoirs of a scientist dealing with countryside superstitions.

That’s for you to decide.

As designers, we believe in a couple of core values:

The small choices matter as much as the big ones.

We all know devil is in the details and we believe small choices are more revealing, when it comes to the personality of the player, than the big moral decisions you usually get from narrative games.

That’s why, in Along the Edge, we’re tracking everything you say or do, and it has a real impact on how your character evolves and how the other characters behave around you.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t get to make any big moral decision, you’ll get some, of course. But, according to the way you’ve played so far, only some options may be available to you.

You don’t get to choose who you are, but you can choose who you’ll become.

In Along the Edge, you play as Daphné Delatour, a single female in her early thirties. She’s a scientist who recently got relocated in a remote country town and works as a high-school Math teacher. You don’t get to decide what she looks like and how she behaves, at least at the start of your adventure.

However, when you reach the end of the story, the way Daphné looks like, behaves and how she ultimately ends up will be the sum of all the choices you’ve made during your play-through.